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or call 0800 179 482 to speak an energy specialist now. is New Zealand’s first free comparison and power switching website. The simple, easy to use switching process will help you find, select and sign up to the cheapest power company in your area within minutes.

Switchme have all New Zealand’s electricity retailers in one place, meaning they’ve have done the hard work of contacting each retailer, reviewing all power prices, considering all features and studying all the information relating each retailer so you don’t have to!

Powerswitch Australia - Own a business in Melbourne? Click here to compare business energy suppliers. It's a free service and many companies have save 20% on their energy bill! visit now. We are currently helping commercial customer in Victoria area. So find the cheapest Melbourne power prices now!


1. Why should I switch my electricity supplier?

Switching your power company is an easy and efficient way to save money on your bills. Energy companies compete with one another for a larger share of the market by offering new customers the best deals on gas and electricity. This means that if you’re prepared to shop around for the best power prices you’ll find the cheapest energy company available.

If you have never switched your electricity or have not done it recently, it is now easier than ever! Simply visit and enter your details into the free savings calculator. This will display results based on how much you could save if you were to switch. Hit the green arrow and fill out the switching form, the process only takes up to 10 days to complete

You could easily save $400- 500 per year. 


How do I get a Business electricity quote?

Simply visit the business tab on the Switchme website and follow the energy comparison and tender process. This is the easiest way to compare business power prices. 

We have access to the most competitive prices in New Zealand and can find you the best prices on commercial electricity and gas.

The initial phone call should only take a few minutes. Our energy experts will then search the marketplace for you to find the best deal, providing a quote.

Our team of business energy consultants will review your current power bills and calculate how much you can save. The service is free and you will receive your electricity pricing options. If you choose to switch, we will oversee all transfer without any cost for you or your business.

Find out more about each New Zealand power company here:

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